Plastic - Zephyr Gloss

Product Information

Technical Information

Zephyr Gloss screen inks are designed for high speed printing of rigid PVC, polystyrenes and self adhesive vinyls. These inks are non toxic and lightfast. They dry to a high gloss and have very low odour. They possess excellent screen stability.

Zephyr Gloss inks offer exceptional printability and definition with freedom from static problems.

Zephyr Gloss inks have been designed as a low odour system for printing onto self adhesive vinyls, rigid PVC and polystyrenes with rapid drying and having a high gloss finish.

Printing All types of stencil are suitable, except solvent adhering types and Stenplex amber.
Mesh Monofilament 100-120 preferred.
Thinner R105
Retarder R108
Screenwash TC6024
Drying Air dry approx. 8-15 mins. depending upon shop conditions Jet dry at 50-60 degrees C in 10-20 seconds depending upon shop conditions
Colours Available in 22 standard,4 process,2 metallic colours and 2 varnish/extenders.
Before commencing a print run, it is important to pre-test the adhesion of the ink every time. This is most essential with old stock.