Textile - Sublitrans

Product Information

Technical Information

Sublitran Heat Transfer screen inks have been formulated for the production of sublimation transfers by flat or rotary screen printing. These inks are very fast drying, making them suitable for cool jet air or natural drying.

Transfers made using Sublitran Heat Transfer inks are designed to have a slight tack when heated, in order to prevent blurred images.

Transferred prints give brilliant fast colours on many synthetic and blended fabrics. Prints have excellent wash fastness and dry clean resistance on suitable fabrics.

Printing All types of stencil films are suitable except Stenplex Amber and lacquer adhering films. Care should be taken to keep the ink consistency the same throughout the run by feeding small amounts of ink at a time on to the screen. This avoids the ink thickening by solvent evaporation, thus avoiding changes in ink deposit, which may cause a variation in the final transferred print. Variation in ink deposit caused by faults in the mesh or marks in the squeegee will have the same effect. 90-120 monofilament screens are recommended. Larger mesh sizes will give stronger transferred prints.
Thinners Thinner R55
Retarder R27
Thinners 5-15 minutes in air, cool air jet or assisted drying at temperatures no higher than 50°C. Higher temperatures may cause the dyes to sublime.
Colours 12 Colours including 4 Process Colours.
Uses T-Shirts, garments, carpets, nameplates
Transfer Times Triacetate/Nylon 180-205 C 10-25 sec
Polyesters 195-225 C 15-30 sec
Anodised Aluminium 200-210 C 20-30 sec
Acrylics 175-185 C 10-20 sec
Flexible PVC 130-150 C 30-60 sec