Screen Making Products Since 1992

This section covers all the essential products required for screen creation, from the preparation of a screen prior to use through to re-claiming a screen for re-use later.
Our high quality range of diazo and dual cure emulsions are designed to give excellent definition and high durability with excellent resistance to water based, solvent based and plastisol inks.
A series of mesh preparation pastes and concentrates for use with both new and used screens and automatic machines.
A range of water based and low solvent based fillers for masking out screens prior to print and for spotting in and retouching stencils.
Our decoating agents range from an economical easily dispersed powder to concentrates for manual both wash booths and automatic cleaning machines.
These products include a range of cleaners combining solvents and emulsifying detergents for reclaiming screens together with stain removers for diazo and ink ghost images.
There are five screenwashes in our range for removing inks from the screen. These range from low odour and low hazard products to high strength cleaners for inks which have dried or are difficult to remove.