Screen Making - Emulsion Products

Diazo Emulsions TC6000 No.2

A Direct photochemical emulsion with excellent definition and latitude exposure, high durability and rapid exposure. For use with solvent based and UV curing inks

Diazo Emulsions TC6016 No.5

A direct photochemical emulsion with a high solids content with fast exposure time, excellent definition and high durability. For use with all water based inks, adhesives and plastisols.

Diazo Emulsions TC6029 No.1

An economical, high definition photochemical emulsion designed to be used for short runs with solvent & UV curing inks.

Dual Cure TC6042 No.12

A high speed dual cure emulsion formulated for easy coating and excellent resistance to water based inks.

Dual Cure TC6043 No.14

A dual cure emulsion formulated for excellent definition and resistance to solvent and water based inks. Recommended for half tone and fine print work.

Dual Cure TC6048 No.16

A dual cure emulsion designed for high durability and excellent definition giving exceptional resistance to solvent, UV and some water based systems.