Paper/Board - Satin Jet

Product Information

Technical Information

Satin Jet are a range of fast drying thin film screen inks for paper, board and polystyrene. Satin Jet inks have excellent printing and drying properties and superb screen stability and self solvency. These properties make them suitable for all types of production methods from hand tables to automatic presses. Satin Jet inks dry to a semi gloss finish depending on the absorbency of the stock.

Printing All types of stencil are suitable. 90-120T monofilament meshes for best results. Using 110T a coverage of 65 sq m/kg can be expected.
Thinners Thinner R55 10-15%
Retarder R27
Drying Air drying times of around 15 minutes depending on stock and shop conditions. Using fine meshes and driers set at 70°C prints can be dry in approximately 15 seconds.
Colours A full range of colours including nine fluorescent shades, gold and silver. Extra care should be taken when printing metallic inks, as these may not readily take overprinting, intercoat adhesion is often poor. Where possible, metallics should always be printed last. When mixing metallic powders or paste with varnish, it should be noted that whereas high levels of metallic powder will give the brightest, most opaque results, this will also give the prints with the poorest rub resistance, which are more difficult to overprint.
Uses Paper, board, polystyrene.