Speciality Screen Inks - Rub Removable

Product Information

Technical Information

Rub Removable screen inks have been specially designed as opaque inks which can be printed over offset printed lottery tickets but can be readily removed with a coin or finger nail to display the printed image.

Rub Removable inks have the following properties:
: Remove cleanly without smearing
: Excellent screen stability
: Fast jet or air drying
: Suitable for hand or fully automatic equipment
Printing All types of stencils are suitable except Stenplex Amber and lacquer adhering films. Recommended screen meshes are No. 62-77 with a coverage of 35 sq m/kg using a 77T mesh.Prints on paper and board may need to be pre-varnished before applying rub removable inks.
Thinners Thinner R55
Retarder R27
Drying 20 seconds at 60°C. Air dry between 10-15 minutes. Temperatures should not exceed 70°C as the removability may be impaired.
Colours Silver
Uses Suitable stocks include aluminium foil or polyethylene laminated boards. Cast coated boards such as Chromolux and Astralux may also be used. Prints on suitable materials will remain readily removable for one year after printing. Prints should always be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Overvarnishing before applying rub removable inks may be necessary.