Speciality - Reflective

Product Information

Technical Information

Vinyl reflective screen inks have been developed to give excellent printability, screen stability and adhesion to a wide range of vinyl substrates.

Reflective inks contain small glass beads which are silvered on one side so that when light strikes the glass beads, it is reflected back out of the ink giving an effect similar to a road sign.

As reflective inks are printed using fairly heavy deposits, care should be taken to see that the prints are fully dry before stacking. Any folding or after print processes should be carried out with care due to the nature of this type of ink. These inks are suitable for manual and semi-automatic presses. They dry to a hard matt or satin finish.

Reflective inks can be supplied in a range of transparent colours, however black and white inks are not available as these colours would block the reflective effect. Instead of white, a reflective silver grey is available. This will reflect a pure white when illuminated.

Available in Catalysed, Dynapoll, Correx and Mercury Gloss ranges.
Printing All types of photostencil materials are suitable and lacquer and lacquer proof cut stencil films.
43T monofilament mesh or coarser are recommended.
Thinners Thinner R33
Retarder R104
Drying Prints will normally air dry in about 40 minutes dependant on ambient temperature and air flow.
Colours Transparent Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Scarlet, Red, Violet, Blue and Green. Special colours may be matched.
Uses Reflective signs and displays.