Speciality - Phosphorescent

Product Information

Technical Information

Screen Phosphorescent inks contain optically active pigments which absorb energy from incident light and re-emits it as light, after the incident light is removed. The length of time for which this is visible depends on the ink type and previous exposure time.

Standard Long Afterglow Yellow/Green: emission time up to 15 minutes

Extra Long Afterglow Yellow/Green: emission time up to 10 hours

Quick Charge Long Afterglow Yellow/Green: emission time up to 10 hours

Quick Charge inks are not as intense afterglow as Extra Long Afterglow.

Extended Afterglow White/Blue: emission time up to 14 hours

Standard Long Afterglow inks can also be produced to special order in Orange, Yellow and Blue/Green.
Printing In general the particle size of this type of pigment is 4-6 times as large as those used in conventional screen inks. It is therefore necessary to use meshes 43T or coarser. High durability photostencils are recommended for printing these inks.
Coverage Approximately 9.5 sqm/kg using at 43T mesh.
Thinners Thinner R33
Retarder R104
Drying 40-50 minutes depending on shop conditions.
Colours Inks with the following after glow colours are available:

Yellow/Green – standard

Yellow – made to order

Blue/Green – made to order

Orange – made to order
Uses Security and safety marking. May be used to trigger electric circuits. Safety signs.
General info. These inks are not radioactive but use incident light as a source of energy. They may be charged by daylight, ultra-violet or artificial light. The emission time is directly dependant on the previous exposure time, Standard Long Afterglow inks charge in a few seconds in bright daylight but longer in artificial light. Extra Long Afterglow inks take much longer to charge but their afterglow is much longer. Quick Charge inks will charge quicker but the intensity of afterglow diminishes quicker than the Extra Long version. Emissions diminish exponentially once the irradiating source is removed.