Paper/Board Screen Inks

Satin Jet

Satin Jet are a range of fast drying thin film screen inks for paper, board and polystyrene. Satin Jet inks have excellent printing and drying properties and superb screen stability and self solvency. These properties make them suitable for all types of production methods from hand tables to automatic presses. Satin Jet inks dry to a semi gloss finish depending on the absorbency of the stock. The high strength of these inks, and the possibility of using the recommended thinner or white spirit, make them very economical in use.

Mercury Gloss

Mercury Gloss screen inks have been developed to give excellent printability, screen stability, fast drying, good scuff resistance and adhesion to a wide range of substrates


A range of nine fluorescent colours are available in Satin Jet.

Bio Screen

Coming soon