Textile - Nylonflex

Product Information

Technical Information

Nylonflex inks are a range of single pack extremely flexible inks with a wide range of adhesion to textiles made from synthetic or blends of synthetic fibres.  Their extreme flexibility gives the resulting prints a much softer feel than is obtainable with inks like Nylonbag.  They have been found to be particularly suitable for nylons which have been coated with polyurethane or other water repellents.

Printing All types of stencils are suitable except Stenplex Amber and lacquer adhering films. Using a 62T mesh 25 sq m/kg coverage may be expected.
Thinners Thinner              R50  5-15%
  For fine detail or extra holdout, R144 Gelled Retarder may be used.
Drying Touch dry in about 30 minutes, through dry in approximately one hour depending on mesh used.  Can be dried through jet driers.
Colours See price list for range of colours available.
Uses Synthetic textiles which require a very flexible ink.  Many types of surface treated textiles where Nylonbag shows poor adhesion.
  Nylonflex inks are single pack and therefore do not show the same wash and chemical resistance as Nylonbag inks.  It is essential that pretesting is carried out on the specific fabric to be printed before commencing the production run, to ensure the performance meets the required specification.