Textile - Neptune

Product Information

Technical Information

Neptune WA screen textile colours have been designed to enable printers to produce screen prints on cotton and most 50/50 cotton/polyester blends with the use of catalyst or heat curing. Once dried prints retain the original soft feel of the fabric. Wet on wet prints may be made with Neptune WA inks.

Neptune WA inks are not recommended for polyesters, acrylics or nylon fabrics

Type of Stencil Water resistant.
PrintingDrying Coarser grades of mesh produce prints with most intense colours. It is therefore recommended that the following grades are used as a guide:
Colours 43-62T monofilament
Fluorescents & Opaque White 34-43T monofilament
Metallics . 21-43T monofilament
Coverage approximately 15 sq m/Lt using a 62T mesh.
Thinners Up to 5% water may be added. Inks should be washed up with water and not allowed to dry in the screen.
Cold Curing Neptune WA inks may be cold cured by the addition of 5% NP900 Catalyst. Catalysed inks have a working life of 12 hours, after which the ink should be discarded. For maximum resistance to washing, it is recommended that Neptune WA inks are heat cured.
Heat Curing 150-170°C for 2-3 minutes.
Fastness Lightfastness is good approximately 6 on the blue wool scale. When cold cured, prints are resistant to gentle wash programs at 40°C. Metallics and fluorescents are particularly sensitive to harsh washing conditions. The following colours are not recommended for dry cleaning 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 523, 624.
Colours Please ask for the price list.