Paper/Board - Mercury Gloss

Product Information

Technical Information

Mercury Gloss screen inks have been developed to give excellent printability, screen stability, fast drying, good scuff resistance and adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

All types of paper and board may be printed, including cast coated such as Astralux. Many synthetic papers like Polyart, some top coated polyesters and metal foils can also be printed successfully.

These inks are suitable for manual and automatic presses. They dry to a hard gloss finish dependant on the substrate, more absorbant materials giving a lower gloss.

All colours are lead and heavy metal free, making them suitable for toys.

Printing All types of photostencil materials are suitable and lacquer proof cut stencil films. 110T monofilament mesh is recommended for general work, but good results are obtained using 90-150T monofilament meshes. 60-70 sq m/Lt may be expected when using a 110T mesh.
Thinners Recommended thinning:
Hand tables 10-20%
Semi automatic presses 15-25%
Cylinder presses 25-35%
Thinner R56
Retarder R107
Extra Retarder R106
Drying When using the finer grades of screen mesh, prints will be dry in 10-20 seconds at a temperature of 50-60°C. Prints will normally air dry in about 15 minutes dependant on ambient temperature and air flow.
Colours Full range, all colours lead free. Golds supplied as a two pack system.
Uses Paper, board, corrugated board, wood, hardboard, glass, Polyart, metal, metal foils and polyesters which have been top coated.Mercury Gloss inks are not recommended for outside exposure for prolonged periods.