Plastic - Matt Vinyl

Product Information

Technical Information

Matt Vinyl screen inks are formulated for printing onto most types of rigid, flexible and limp (self cling) PVC. These inks have exceptionally low odour making them pleasant for operators to use. They offer good opacity, excellent printability and self solvency. These inks dry fast to a smooth matt finish.

Printing All types of stencil materials are suitable except Stenplex Amber and solvent adhering films. Meshes 90-110T monofilament are recommended. Using 90T mesh should give a coverage of 30-40 sq m/kg.
Thinners 10-15% thinning with Matt Vinyl Thinner. Retarder and Gelled Retarder are available for high definition or where hot shop conditions cause a problem.
Thinner R33
Retarder R104
Gel Retarder R144
Drying Air dry in 10-30 minutes on limp PVC. 25-55 minutes on rigid PVC. Jet drying approximately 25 seconds at 60°C depending on equipment and area printed.
Colours A full range of colours including process colours and fluorescents. Metallics are available ready mixed or mixed to order. Obliterating Grey is available for double-sided stickers.
Uses Most types of PVC, rigid, flexible, limp (self cling) and self adhesive. ABS, CAB, most polystyrenes, acrylics, polycarbonates and top coated polyesters. Care should be taken with metallic inks which do not readily lend themselves to overprinting, where good intercoat adhesion is required. Matt Vinyl inks should not be printed over Gloss Vinyl inks, as this can lead to crazing of the Matt Vinyl ink. Gloss Vinyl inks can be satisfactorily printed over Matt Vinyl.
It is strongly recommended that all plastics are tested for printing and adhesion before use. Certain grades of PVC and PVC/PVA copolymers require particular care. The copolymer sheets often causing crazing of the ink. Some plastics can become brittle when printed. This may not show for several weeks, the plastic sometimes shattering on impact.