Industrial Screen Inks

Gloss Enamel

Gloss Enamel inks are a range of high gloss oxidation drying inks for printing paper, board, glass, primed metals and waterslide transfers. These inks show good adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. They possess good durability and excellent flexibility, and are suitable for air drying or stoving at temperatures up to 120 degree C


Catalysed screen inks are a range of two pack inks possessing excellent adhesion and chemical resistance. They cure to hard heat resistant films with good adhesion to a wide range of difficult substrates. These inks can be air dried or heat cured. Depending on the hardener chosen, a matt or full gloss finish may be obtained.


Anodye screen inks are specifically formulated to print on to UNSEALED anodised aluminium. Prints produced using Anodye inks form permanent images which are an integral part of the aluminium surface.