Plastic - Gloss Vinyl

Product Information

Technical Information

Gloss Vinyl screen inks are formulated for printing onto flexible and rigid PVC. They have exceptionally low odour making them pleasant for operators to use and dry with a brilliant gloss finish. Gloss Vinyl inks have good resistance to petrol and alcohol.

Printing All types of stencil materials are suitable except Stenplex Amber and solvent adhering films. Meshes 100-120T monofilament are recommended. Using 120T mesh should give a coverage of 65 -75 sq m/kg.
Thinners 10-20% thinning with Gloss Vinyl Thinner is normally recommended. Retarder is available where hot shop conditions cause a problem and a Gelled Retarder for high definition.
Fast Thinner R33
Retarder R104
Gel Retarder R144
Drying Between 10 minutes and 1 hour depending on stock and conditions. Overprints will require a longer drying time and should be tested before stacking.
Colours A full range of colours including process colours and metallics.
Uses Printing of rigid and flexible PVC, vinyl coated materials, self adhesive vinyl films, CAB, coated polyester and metal, cellulose acetate, acrylics and polycarbonates. Powder coated metals can often be successfully printed using Gloss Vinyl inks. Due to their good flexibility, Gloss Vinyl inks are used extensively for spraying and brushing onto banners and tarpaulins such as are used on curtain-sided vehicles. It has been found that R186 Fast Thinner is particularly suited to this application. It is not recommended that Gloss Vinyl Extra Opaque White is used for this application due to its flexibility being less than the other colours.
Outdoor Use; Gloss Vinyl inks have good outside durability, but for optimum performance, it is recommended that Gloss Vinyl Overprint Varnish is also used as a finishing coat. Where long periods of outdoor exposure are expected, a range of extra lightfast colours is available. It is always recommended that our laboratory is contacted where colour matchings are required for extended outdoor use.