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Technical Information

Gloss Enamel inks are a range of high gloss oxidation drying inks for printing paper, board, glass, primed metals and waterslide transfers. These inks show good adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. They possess good durability and excellent flexibility, and are suitable for air drying or stoving at temperatures up to 120°C.

Printing All types of stencil materials are suitable including solvent adhering films. For maximum film strength and durability No. 62-71 monofilament meshes are recommended.For fine detail No. 90-120 monofilament meshes may be used.
Thinners TC4025 White Spirit Sub 5-15%
Drying Touch dry in about 2 hours depending on film thickness. Prints should be left overnight for thorough drying. Prints made on metal may require 48 hours to achieve maximum hardness.Gloss Enamel inks may be stoved for 10-15 minutes at 80-120°C.
Colours A limited range of lead free lightfast colours including Black, White, Metallic Medium and Overprint Varnish.
Uses Paper, board, hardboard, glass, primed metal, waterslide transfers, certain grades of CAB, ABS, acrylics, phenolics, cellulose acetate, polystyrene, polycarbonates, urea and melamines.For many of these plastics, more specialised inks are available.

Gloss Enamel inks are particularly suitable for the production of waterslide transfers. They show good adhesion to transfer papers such as Masterdecal, Duplex and Simplex.