Plastic - Dynapoll

Product Information

Technical Information

Dynapoll inks have been formulated to print on untreated and pretreated polypropylene and polyethylene. These inks show excellent adhesion and dry to a scuff resistant smooth semi gloss finish.

Printing All types of stencil materials are suitable except Stenplex Amber and solvent adhering films.Meshes 90-120 monofilament are recommended.
Thinners 10-15% thinning with Matt Vinyl Thinner. Retarder and Gelled Retarder are available for high definition or where hot shop conditions cause a problem.
10-15% R126 Thinner.
For fine detail or hot shop conditions, Retarder R27 may be used.
Drying 15-20 minutes in air. Dries in 20 seconds at 60°C in jet driers. Full adhesion may not be developed until 1-2 hours after printing.
Colours All colours are lead free. See price list for range of colours available.
Uses Articles made from untreated and treated polypropylene, polyethylene sheets and moulded articles, folders, tubs, crates, batteries. Dynapoll inks are not recommended for blow moulded bottles (washing up liquid bottles). Polybond inks are recommended for this application. Dynapoll Extender may be used as a primer for polyolefin sheets, which may then be printed with Gloss Vinyl or Zephyr Gloss inks to give high gloss prints.
All plastics should be pretested before commencing any production runs. Many plastics contain lubricants or mould release agents, which can impair ink adhesion. Dynapoll inks are not recommended for long term outdoor exposure.