TC6021 - TC6024 - TC6031 - TC6034 - TC6046

Technical Information


TC6024 Screenwash 4007 is a strong general purpose solvent mix for cleaning residual inks.

TC6021 Screenwash EF is an exceptionally low hazard solvent mix cleaner of low odour for removal of residual inks on screens.

TC6034 Econowash is an economical mixture of solvents for the removal of residual inks.

TC6031 Screenwash HT is a low odour general purpose solvent for cleaning residual inks. Cyclohexanone free.

TC6046 Screenwash 4001 is a very strong general purpose solvent mix containing a high level of Cyclohexanone for inks which have dried or are difficult to remove.

Instructions for use:

Apply to both sides of the screen until ink has dissolved.

2 After dissolving ink residues both ink and solvent can be removed using a cloth.

3 Allow to dry.


TC6024 Screenwash 4007 Pack Size: 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre or 200 litre

TC6021 Screenwash EF Colour: A ll Water White

TC6034 Econowash

TC6031 Screenwash HT

TC6046 Screenwash 4001