TC6009 / TC6022 / TC6038 / TC6051 / TC6068

Technical Information


TC6009 Screensolve is a combination of solvents and emulsifying detergents for the removal of ink and residue when reclaiming screens. TC6009 Screensolve is formulated to be used with TC6007 Alkali Cleaning Paste to remove the last traces of stencils and inks. It should be used before applying TC6008 Decoating Agent to remove any dried ink.

TC6022 Screensolve EFE is a mixture of low hazard, low odour solvents and detergents containing no cyclohexanone for the removal of residual inks on screen. It is also recommended for use in automatic machines.

TC6038 Screensolve HT is a low odour and low hazard version of TC6009 Screensolve, containing no cyclohexanone.

TC6051 Screensolve LO is a low odour version of TC6009 Screensolve.

TC6068 Screensolve MC is a blend of solvents and detergents designed for the removal of most solvent, water based, UV and plastisol inks in automated machine cleaners.

Instructions for use:

1 The screen to be decoated should first be cleaned on both sides with a Screensolve product to remove any ink residues.

2 Rinse the mesh with water.

3 Apply TC6008 Decoating Agent Liquid, referring to the instruction sheet.

4 Rinse off with water, or high pressure stencil washer.

5 Should any traces remain, apply a fresh amount of the Screensolve product to both sides, leave for a few minutes and rinse with water.


1 Apply a Screensolve product to mesh then, add TC6007 Alkali Cleaning Paste, mixing the two products together with a brush.
Leave for 15 minutes maximum.

3 Wash off with water before using a high pressure spray.

Screensolves Pack Size: 1 litre or 5 litre