TC6007 Alkali Cleaning Paste & TC6023 Cleaning Paste E

Technical Information


TC6007 Alkali Cleaning Paste is an efficient alkaline cleaning paste formulated to clean and degrease synthetic and steel meshes. TC6007 Alkali Cleaning Paste removes ink and stencil residues from screen meshes thus preventing ghost images. For better results, use in combination with Screensolve products.

TC6023 Cleaning Paste E is designed as a low caustic version of TC6007 Alkali Cleaning Paste for the removal of stencils from screens.

Instructions for use: For Degreasing Screens:

1 Wet the screen to be treated and apply TC6007 or TC6023 to both sides with a brush.

2 Leave for a while.

3 Wash off with water and allow to dry before applying stencils.

For Reclaiming Stained Screens:

1 Wet both sides of the screen with a Screensolve product then add TC6007 or TC6023 mixing both products with a brush.

2 Leave to stand for 15 minutes maximum.

3 Hose off with water before using a high pressure spray and allow to dry.

TC6007 Alkali Cleaning Paste Pack Size: 1 kilo or 5 kilo
Colour: White
TC6023 Cleaning Paste E Pack Size: 1 kilo or 5 kilo
Colour: White