Speciality - Credit Card Security

Product Information

Technical Information

A complete range of inks and sundries for the manufacture of Credit Cards. This extensive range of products includes laminating inks, both screen and offset litho, metallic golds, silvers and polychromatic colours, laminating varnishes and cements plus a large range of security products.
Laminating Screen Inks A range of laminated screen inks designed for the manufacture of credit cards.
Laminating Metallic Inks Metallic laminating screen inks for credit cards including most major credit card customers; Mastercard, Visa...
Laminating Pearl Inks Metallic effect inks giving unique colours.
Laminating Varnishes Varnishes for improving the adhesion properties of pvc laminates to litho and screen printed credit cards.
Laminating Offset Inks A range of offset inks designed for the printing of credit cards.
Signature Panel Inks A range of security signature panel inks.
Bar Code Blockers Designed to prevent the photocopying of bar codes.
Magnetic Inks For the printing of magnetic strips on cards.
Ultra Violet Inks Near transparent inks which emit bright colours under UV light.